Virtual Poker

 One of the longtime favorites of any gambling establishment, poker is said to be the true "America's Pastime." The overwhelming popularity of virtual poker does much to support this claim, as the game detracts no excitement from the original. I'm hooked on virtual poker--and I win most of the time, too.

Let me give you some pointers on the virtual bets you will make while playing virtual poker. Always check the gambling odds before you begin to play any game. Make sure your machine is a 5-8 or better, and has a jackpot (if that's what you like). Always make sure to play a game that you find fun--that's really the key.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Inexperienced Gamblers
To come out ahead, it's important to find a 5-8 machine with a progressive jackpot of over $2,700. This might not always be possible, however. No matter what type of virtual poker you play, it's important to remember a few pointers that will maximize your staying power. Many people play too fast; always take your time.

You may have heard never to draw to an inside straight. In virtual poker, it pays to never draw to any four card straight, ever! I could dissect the odds, but just believe me when I say 4-card straights are the poor man's temptation. Avoid drawing to a four-card straight unless you have no pairs and no card greater than a 10.



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