Virtual Gambling

They call online wagering "virtual gambling," but there's nothing virtual about the money you can win. Those dollars are the facts that make online gambling so much fun. You have the chance to win money, just like at the tables in Vegas.

Virtual Gambling and Confidentiality

Ever notice that when you play casino games in Vegas, everyone watches what you bet? It's true. You'll be sitting at the blackjack table with six other people, and the facts are that they pay attention to every bet you make. That's not the case with online virtual gambling.

With virtual gambling, only you and the online house know what you're betting. The best casinos are totally confidential. Your games of choice and your betting history are facts that the casino will keep entirely to itself.

Your account is probably safer with an online casino than with the people in Vegas. The facts are that Vegas casinos are quite large, so in the scheme of things, many people have access to your gambling information. This is not so when you gamble online; it's simply a more private way to enjoy games of chance and skill.



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